"Public transport improves our lives in so many ways, and by making better mobility a focus for UITP and our global membership, we can see less cars on the roads, more action on climate and an agile approach to movement."

Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General

"We have a chance to bring our cities back to people. To meet the challenges of climate change and air pollution, public transport has to be seen as essential in economic, social and environmental recovery."

Pere Calvet, UITP President

“Promoting sustainable public transport must be at the heart of our response to the climate crisis. It is crucial to use strategies to curb emissions in our cities and help finance cleaner mobility systems."

Emma Navarro, EIB Vice President

“If you go by bus, tram or train, you will make an enormous contribution to improving the quality of life in our towns and cities. Public transport helps us save space, energy, costs, exhaust gas emissions and CO2. We have time to read, work, think, dream or even sleep - and we still arrive safely. Wearing a mask, of course!”

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany

"Mobility is a key element in the provision of equal access to goods and services. We will need to support public transport systems in the aftermath of the crisis strengthening equality and guaranteeing access to opportunity for all."

Thembisile Nkadimeng, Mayor of Polokwane, President of SALGA, UCLG Co-President

"After this crisis, we need to build back better. A key part of doing so will entail shoring up the role of public transport, the backbone of urban mobility, as an enable to other economic social and environmental city objectives."

Gema Igual, Mayor of Santander

"COVID-19 has caused great changes in the way we inhabit cities and opens up many opportunities to define how we will do it in the future. We need better mobility to achieve a better quality of life. Together with UITP, we are sure that we can achieve this if we invest in public transport."

Gonzalo Muñoz, High Level Champion for Climate Action, COP25

“Cities are engines of economic and social development and transport is the lifeblood of cities. Investment in public transport integrated with better facilities for walking and cycling is our insurance against future such pandemics and key to addressing the climate emergency.”

Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT

"During this crisis, public transport has worked tirelessly for us all and solidarity must guide our way forward giving back to the public transport system. This is our chance to achieve better mobility, protecting our planet and providing access to opportunity for all."

Mohamed Boudra, UCLG President

“Public transport is a precious resource and we need more people walking and cycling.”

Heidi Alexander, Deputy Mayor for Transport and Deputy Chair of Transport for London

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