The public transport sector has stepped forward into the front lines to help fight the coronavirus, despite the nearly 90% drop in ridership around the world.

Together, we have been responding to short-term emergencies, but now we must move beyond, ensure the survival of the public transport and seize a historical, unique opportunity to start over and shape the future of our cities.

This is our chance to build back better bringing cities back to people. Public transport is fundamental to building resilient cities, to combating climate change, preventing the ‘bounce back’ of air pollution, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles, and boosting local economies leaving no one and no place behind.

All these challenges will not be met without a clear priority given to public transport as a vital pillar for economic, social and environmental recovery, both in the short and long-term. We need to go back to better mobility to build better cities, and better lives.

BREATHE BETTER. A future without public transport is a future without clean air

MOVE BETTER. A future without public transport is a future without free movement

WORK BETTER. A future without public transport will only damage the economy further

Our future is in your hands.

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